Drone photoshoot at Kata Beach with Marlon

I got a big order of the Seattle SS Black, and Seattle SS Chrome Chopper Cruiser last month. We took them and the Slugo SS to the beach and Marlon made a cool video, and got some good pics with the drone.

I rode the Seattle SS down to the beach from my shop, and Marlon and friends on the other bikes with the drone. It was the first time I rode the Seattle SS. I just unwrapped them the day before. The Seattle SS is by far my favorite bike for going around the boardwalk. It’s super quite, easy to ride, and get’s lots of attention from guys and girls. Super additive bike to ride, you don’t went to get off the thing.

We took some pics on the boardwalk, then at the corner of Kata Beach. Even got a few with a tuk tuk.

The Slugo SS does good on the sandy roads with the big tires. Some pics of the Red and Green rims.

The Rover GX is super photogenic at the beach. Seems to be the most popular classic cruiser for men and women.

Here’s the final video Marlon made with the drone and a bunch of pics.

The video Marlon Palawan put together turned out great. I’d highly recommend him if you need a photographer in Phuket.

And a video of him using the drone form my phone.

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